Strings N' Things

Rental Program

If you or your child is just starting to study a stringed instrument, it is sensible to rent an outfit until you are certain that continuing interest will insure that a purchase is worthwhile. Strings N’ Things carries a large selection of quality violin, viola and cello rentals in fractional and full sizes. All of our rentals are professionally set up and we work hard to ensure that they are clean and in good working order. Our rental outfits include a tailpiece with fine tuners, a bow with real horsehair, a case, a cleaning cloth, I.D. tag and rosin. Initial rental violin and viola outfits include a shoulder rest and cellos include a rock stop. We only have a three month minimum rental, so you will not be making a huge financial commitment. If it does not work out, simply return it by the three month anniversary date and there is no further obligation. If you want to buy, a portion of your rental payment can be applied as credit towards the purchase of your rental outfit or an upgrade of the same type outfit.

We do repairs in house, so you will not be without an instrument for a long time while your rental is sent away for repairs or adjustments. Many repairs can be done while you wait. If the repair will take more than a day, we can usually give you a loaner instrument or simply trade for a different outfit, whichever you prefer.

We require a photo I.D. and a credit card for guarantee of payment in order to rent an outfit.

For prices and more specific details about our rental program, please call us.